“Matter” contributing to the multivariate universal objects, both with and without life is of varying degrees of complexities by structure, composition and function. Thorough research with clarity of thought, based on the best of knowledge with application of an analytical mind with wisdom is likely to yield an understanding of the complex systems and designs of nature. By understanding the intricacies of such complexities in simplified detail, a strategy for an appropriate approach to solve problems that are existent and those likely to arise in future in such complex systems, could be arrived at, for achieving universal wellness .

The complex nature of biological systems and their development through physico-chemical-biological interactions is one among the complexities of the universe and this modest Chennai Cell Cluster as a society of like minded individuals has been brought into existence to explore the intricacies of such complexities within and beyond dimensions to pursue the mission of simplified understanding of such systems

By studying the interactions between Physical matters, Chemical moieties and Biological systems through and by the amalgamation of various schools of science, inclusive of but not limited to mathematics, astronomy, psychology, philosophy, nanotechnology, systematic, cybernetics, reductionism and determinism, the Chennai Cell Cluster - a barrier-free communication platform between and among its inmates, affiliates and like minded souls who are virtuoso, naive to learn things in fields of their prowess and outside, will strive to create a road-map towards the common goals.

Evolution of thoughts and concepts with birth of new ones including new ideas, new creations and new syntheses in biology , leading to simplified understanding of these complexities, we hope will ultimately lead us towards the destination of universal wellness.

Chennai Cell Cluster comprising of mortal human beings, envisions to adopt and develop systems including Artificial Intelligence to effectively transfer the knowledge gained and wisdom imbibed, to our future generations to perpetuate the generation of values immortal.